Movie "Viva"

Premiere of the movie "Viva" with the small documentary of the Epicospal Church entitled "Out of the box". After a question and answer session. Saturday July 27 at 7pm, Sotolongo Hall


White Gardenia

On Saturday, June 29th the Rainbow Ministry of Holyrood Church offered an excerpt of the acclaimed, prize winning play “White Gardenia”. Played by Shanice Wills. Written by the play-writer-actor Richard Johnson with a prelude on Mozart and Chopin by Eddie Beato and ending with a period of Q & A around the issues brought  in by the play and the fact that so far in 2019 we’ve already had eleven transgender women murders.


Radical compassion

In this reflection of Luke's biblical narrative (7: 36-8: 3) I want to emphasize this encounter between Jesus and a companion-sister whose name is not mentioned. It is curious that the four Gospels contain stories of the anointing of Jesus by a woman, but they do not narrate like Luke does the most subversive


Welcome, we are a friendly and hospitable Church!

Welcome to all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People!  You will find warm hospitality and full inclusion here at Holyrood Church/ Iglesia Santa Cruz; as we welcome LGBTQ people in leadership, ministry, marriage and baptism.    If you would like to talk, or find out more about Holyrood/Santa Cruz's, being baptized or married, please contact Fr. Luis


Report 2019 Villa Consuelo Foundation

15 de abril de 2019.

 Sres. Ministerio Caminos de Emús.

New York. Ciudad.



 Amarilis Guzmán, P. Luis Barrios y Miembros

De la Iglesia Santa Cruz/ Holyrood.


Apreciados amigos y amigas.

              Un saludo grande y solidario, pues ciertamente sabemos, creemos y estamos seguros de que en el compromiso nos encontramos y nos realizamos como seres humanos.


The unknown woman

In the Gospel of Mark 5: 21-43 we are shown the admirable compassion of Jesus before a woman suffering from hemorrhaging. Jesus walks with Jairo, to heal his daughter. During the journey Jesus is touched by a woman who suffers from severe hemorrhages.