Deaf Ministry Connects

The last Tuesday March 12, 2019 Deaf Ministry at Holyrood Church.

Miss. Liliete Lopez from the Center for the Independence of the Disabled (CID-NY) and their NY Connects program spoke to members of the Deaf Ministry about available services. NY Connects helps people with disabilities to find care, support, to remain independent, to understand care options, to find transportation and supported employment programs, assists with Medicaid and to access many other benefits. Presenter Liliete López; Outreach Worker, NY Connects, presents from the table ASL interpreter Jeff Jaech facilitates communication. In this meeting they were deaf, blind, hearing
impaired, and hearing. Participants: Opal Gordon, Melissa Innissis, Marlene
Montes de Oca, Julio Cesar Sánchez, Luis Cruz, Christian Collazo, among others


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Monday, March 4, 2019 - 08:15