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Living in Jesus

Good morning, happy Thursday and blessing.


Biblical reflection today in the Gospel of Saint John (5: 31-47) tells us of a dispute between Jesus and the Jews. It is a moment where Jesus felt misunderstood, rejected and attacked; this because they did not understand his words. So, he appeals to the works he does, for they speak of who he is and who he sends him to. The works are irrefutable, and people of right intention understand and comprehend them.


We live in a rather indifferent environment; atmosphere in which God does not seem to exist or count for anything; environment in which the path indicated by the same God does not seem to interest much to a great majority, they prefer other more interesting and important things - the golden calf. Faith is practically discredited. Large sections of baptized people live as if God no longer tells them anything and have stopped practicing his teachings. They are Christian people by name, but not in fact. Today there are many people who may not understand our language about faith and maybe even misunderstand it, but they are questioned by the works of love of many Christian people.


The believer, for example, in the trial does not abandon God as if he were the cause of evil, but turns more towards Him with an invincible insistence like Moses who interceded for his people when he built the golden calf, seriously offending God. On the other hand, the adult believer in the faith feels as a personal test the tests of his near or distant brothers and sisters; pray for all people and is a universal intercessor willing to bear the weaknesses of others and suffer so that other people are relieved, as Moses did for his people, and especially Jesus the innocent dead as a sinner for us.


The existence of a God who is Love is demonstrated only by revealing that he lives in the hearts of those who welcome him; Jesus will be believed when those of us who believe in Him authentically live his teachings: "you are my disciples if you do what I command you". For all this, my dear sisters and brothers, my challenge for you today is that you can discover if with your way of living you are helping people to believe in Jesus or if you are doing that they do not believe.




Fr. Luis +

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Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 21:00