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The Red Corner of Fr. Luis

A passion that is contagious



Good morning, happy Holy Friday, and many blessings.


The Gospel for todays is John 18:1–19,42. The word passion in verse 3 refers to what Jesus went through from the Last Supper to the Cross. From communion to the crucifixion is the Passion of Jesus Christ. What Jesus went through for me and for you is the Passion of Jesus Christ.


I have set the example for you to do the same as I have done with you



Good morning, happy Holy Thursday, and many blessings.


John (John 13:1-15) is the only Evangelist who mentions the incident of the washing of the feet of the disciples by Christ; hence it might seem that this occurrence was of but little importance. John, however, introduces it with so much minuteness and care, that we cannot but believe that Christ intended to teach an important lesson by it; for after its performance He admonishes His disciples to observe this example and to wash each other’s feet.


What a great discovery it would be if we could face our sins with honesty and courage

Good morning, happy Holy Wednesday, and many blessings.


Today’s Gospels, Matthew 26:14-25, is a short story about Judas. My first reaction after reading is two questions: Was Judas in denial? Did he truly think that he was not the one who was to betray Jesus? We do not know for certain what was going on in Judas’ mind, but one thing is clear…he did betray Jesus. And it appears from his words that he didn’t see his act as a betrayal and, therefore, he was in deep denial.


Honor Jesus as we can



Good morning, happy Monday, and many blessings.


In today’s Gospel (John 12:1-11) we find Jesus coming to the home of His friends to find a few brief hours of encouragement and support from His disciples, the majority of which He knew would abandon Him during His darkest hour.


While this passage is given to us in the form of historical narrative, it is nonetheless instructive. It teaches us quite a bit about honoring Jesus. There is something that I want to highlight: Honor Jesus from your hearth.  


The role of Mary in the history of salvation is unique



Good morning, happy Thursday, and many blessings.


In today’s Gospel (Luke 1:26-38) the Annunciation to Mary begins our immediate preparation for the coming of Jesus among us. There was fear at the surprising call, leading to a question of how this can happen. Then there was a sign in that Elizabeth is expecting a child before Mary said ‘yes.’ She did not say “ok, I will do it”, but “let it be with me according to your word.” It was ‘yes’ to a way of life, a ‘yes’ to the Word of God, leaving the initiative with God.


Am I abiding in the word of Jesus?



Good morning, happy Wednesday, and many blessings.


Perhaps we pray better when we say nothing at all!



Good morning, happy Tuesday, and many blessings.


Today’s Gospel (Matthew 6:7-15) reading begins with Jesus telling his disciples that they should not babble their prayers like the pagans do. The pagans may think that more words are better and they may hope that many words will bring them a favorable response from their gods.


The radicality of compassionate love



Good morning, happy Monday, and many blessings.


In today’s gospel (John 8:1-11), Jesus was teaching in the temple area when the Pharisees came to him, bringing a woman who had been caught in adultery.  They placed the woman right in the middle of the crowd.  Imagine how this woman felt.  What are the emotions you would experience if someone brought you into the midst of a crowd of people and then they told these people about all the wrongs you had done? I assume most of us would be humiliated, angry, and perhaps afraid!


Let's practice the law of compassion and love


Good morning, happy Wednesday, and many blessings.


What is the healing we want to ask for or Jesus?



Good morning, happy Monday, and many blessings.


In today’s Gospel (John 4:43-54) Jesus left Samaria and traveled home to Galilee. If you recall, Jesus himself said: “No prophet is accepted in his home town.” Yet when Jesus arrived in Cana of Galilee, he was welcomed with open arms.  Had the hearts of the Galileans truly changed? If so, was it because they personally had experienced the power of Jesus’ teaching and his ability to heal or were they simply curious and wanted to hear this man for themselves?



Ministry at the time of Coronavirus (Covid 19): Prevent, cure and accompany

Now we have to shape what some have started calling; The Church at Home. Although I keep asking myself; What do those who do not have a home do? For this reason, at the same time, I am declaring today in our Holyrood Church a Lenten day of prayer, fasting and reading the Bible in the Time of the Coronavirus.

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