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The Red Corner of Fr. Luis

Compassion is a dimension of spirituality



Good morning, happy Friday, and many blessings.


In Mark’s Gospel (mark 6:34-44), the multiplication of the loaves is very important. It is mentioned twice: here and in Mk 8:1-9. And Jesus Himself questions the disciples on the multiplication of the loaves (Mk 8:14-21). This is why it is worthwhile to observe and to reflect, so as to discover what exactly is the importance of the multiplication of the loaves.


When a law is unjust, it must be disobeyed



Good morning, happy Epiphany, and many blessings.


Our job is to invite people to "come and see"



Good morning, happy Monday, and many blessings.


Today’s Gospel (John 1:35-42) is about John’s account of the beginning of Jesus’ calling of His disciples: “The next day again John was standing with two of his disciples, and he looked at Jesus as he walked by and said, ‘Behold, the Lamb of God!’”


So, we see these two disciples of John seeking after Jesus, and Jesus knows they are seeking after Him, and He asks them, “What are you seeking?”


Humility opens doors


Good morning, happy Saturday, and may blessings. 


Today’s Gospel (John 1:19-28) speaks about the witness of John the Baptist. The Jews sent “priests and Levites” to question him. In the same way, some years later, they sent people to control the activity of Jesus (Mark 3:22). There is a resemblance between the response of the people regarding Jesus and the questions which authorities address to John. Jesus asks the disciples: Whom do people say that I am?” They answered: “Elijah, John the Baptist, Jeremiah, one of the Prophets” (cf. Mark 8:27-28).


Has the Christmas season brought us closer to Jesus and his mother?

Has the Christmas season brought us closer to Jesus and his mother?


Good morning, Happy New Year, and many blessings.


Today we begin a new year according to the “secular” calendar. And even though much of the rest of the world has begun “de-decking” the Christmas decorations, the Church continues to celebrate the Christmas season. The Gospel (Luke


) for this Feast of Mary is the account of the shepherds traveling to Bethlehem to give homage to the Child Jesus.


Hope for humanity



Good morning, happy Thursdays, Happy New Year, and many blessings.


All four gospels give us stories about the origins of Jesus. In the gospel of Mark, Jesus shows up as a fully-grown man, ready to be commissioned to action by being baptized in the Jordan River. In the gospels of Matthew and Luke, we hear stories of angel-announcements and Jesus’ birth, an extraordinary coming of God as a tiny, vulnerable baby.


Nothing disturb you, nothing frighten you.



Good morning, happy Saturday, and many blessings.


In today’s Gospel (Matthew


) we learn that faith in Christ is costly. Jesus promised we would meet opposition, and we do, in different forms. Let us ask for the gift of endurance.


It is a shock to read this Gospel immediately after Christmas. But this is the world into which Jesus comes. He does not retreat from it in fear or disgust. He will wrap it in his love, and that will be enough to save humankind. I ask for Jesus’ courage and love.


Radical hope

Radical hope. 


Good morning, happy Thursday, Merry Christmas, and many blessings.


God works even in the midst of our difficult circumstances



Good morning, happy Wednesday, and many blessings.


Maria the Subversive



Good morning, happy Tuesday, and many blessings.


The Canticle of Mary (Luke 1:46-56) was one of the canticles of the community of the first Christians. It reveals the level of awareness or consciousness, and the firmness, of the faith which animated her interiorly. Sung in the community, this Canticle of Mary teaches us to pray and to sing. Mary begins by proclaiming the change which is taking place in her life under the loving gaze of God, full of mercy. Because of this, she sings joyfully: “I rejoice in God, my Savior”.