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The Red Corner of Fr. Luis

Salvific Liberation

Good morning, happy Thursday, and many blessings.


In the gospel of Marcos ‪14: 12a‬. 22-25 we learn about the institution of the Eucharist. When we come together to celebrate and receive the Eucharist, we must remember that it is more than a banquet, more than a sacrifice and more than a memorial in the usual sense of the word. In the Eucharist we meet Jesus personally.


By faith



Good morning, happy Wednesday, and blessings.


The gospel for today, Mark 12:18-27, let’s see how sometimes misconceptions can keep us from seeing very simple truths. The magician tries to plant a misconception in your head that he is holding a certain card in his hand when it is really in his pocket. If it works, you are very surprised when he pulls it out of his pocket. These Sadducees were missing an abundance of Scriptural evidence for the resurrection because of their misconceptions. Today, many do likewise about this and other issues.


Genuine Love



Good morning, happy Tuesday, and blessings.


In Mark ‪12:13-17‬ Jesus taught a simple solution to convoluted criticisms thrown at Christians. Instead of getting bogged down in futile, endless arguments, why not implement His Formula which works so effectively! Stay tuned, keep it simple!


Loving is a command to Divine



Good morning, happy Monday, and blessings.


The story of God's work among people is a story of hard work, followed by disappointment.

God is like a man, or a woman, who prepares carefully, planting a vineyard, putting a hedge around it, digging the wine vat, building a tower, then leasing it to stewards to care for the vines. Yet when He comes back to receive the fruit, He finds none.  The fruit is withheld.


Overcoming Discouragement

Good morning happy Saturday and blessings.
Today's Gospel reading, John 21: 20-25, confronts me with this question: How will you maintain your focus in Jesus discipleship in the face of discouragement? All of us deal with discouragement in one form or another, throughout our lives. “Discouragement” covers a broad range of concepts. The verb to discourage means “to deprive of confidence, hope or spirit, afflict, beat down, demoralize, depress, dismay, distress, frighten, intimidate, irk, and trouble are synonyms of the word discourage.

A discipleship of service

*A Discipleship of service*

A commitment to the Gospel



Good morning, happy Thursday, and blessings.


In John 17:20-26 we find a prayer that looks to the future. Jesus was praying not only for the people seated around him at table that evening but also for his future followers, which thanks be to God, includes us. And it is a prayer that focuses on unity, on all being one.


Spiritual Unity



Good morning, happy Wednesday, and blessings.


Radical Love


Good morning, happy Tuesday, and blessings. 

In today’s gospel, John 17:1-11a, Jesus prays for us, even though we fail to pray for ourselves. The suffering began soon after the Last Supper when Jesus and His disciples went to the Garden of Gethsemane. Knowing that the time of His death was near, Jesus prayed intently.

Magnify your Joy