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The Red Corner of Fr. Luis

Let's weak up the love


Those of the way



God morning today is Sunday, many blessings and Happy Mother’s Day.


I remind you that today we will have masses in English & ASL ‪at 10:00 am ‬and in Spanish & ASL ‪at 12:00 pm‬. Both will be broadcast live on Facebook. Connect: https://m.facebook.com/HolyroodSCruz/.


Jesus, an example of how we should live


Let not your hearts be troubled



Good morning, happy Friday and blessings.


A substantial love



Good morning, happy Thursday, and blessings.


Today's Gospel, John ‪13: 16-20‬, presents us with a radical message with the intention that we become radical disciples. The invitation is for us to serve one another, even our enemies, and so demonstrate that we follow Jesus. Is there something more radical than this?


Do not judge, do not criticize. Vs. Reaction to judgment or criticism.



Good morning, happy Wednesday and blessings.


In today's Gospel (John 12: 44-50) there is a phrase spoken by Jesus which has touched me in a special way: because I have not come to judge the world, but to save the world. Contrary to what Jesus is saying we somehow love to judge other people. In this reflection we can start asking two basic questions: Why Do We Judge and What Does Judging Look Like?

Jesus keeps talking to you ... Listen to him.



Good morning, happy Tuesday, and blessings.


Today’s Gospel reading (John 10:22-30) seems tailor-made for that purpose, for in today’s Gospel reading we find Jesus debating with some of his religious opponents, and so we get a direct window on Jesus in debate!


You are not alone, God is very close to you.



Good morning, happy Monday, and blessings.


Reading the Gospel for today, John ‪10: 11-18‬, I came out with these two questions: How good sheep get lost? Why some believers have a harder time trusting God for great things to happen? It’s not because of “backsliding” or sin, or unbelief but it is because they have over and over again faced this fork in the road and chosen the wrong path. The crossroads between what God wants and what we want. I’m not picking on certain believers, but this applies to all of us, myself included.


The fundamental food


Stay focused on yourself, before judging.

Good morning, happy Thursday, and blessings.


On the list of frustrating things, heavy traffic ranks pretty high. And drivers who don’t signal, don’t look, won’t move over, cut people off, speed, tailgate, go too slow, or drive incredibly noisy or incredibly large vehicles rank among the world’s most frustrating people.