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The Campaign of Prayer and Fasting

In the Campaign of Prayer and Fasting that we have begun in our church, one of the challenges is that we
 can bear fruit to make known the project of salvific liberation of Jesus. Towards that space, our Holyrood Church continues to move despite the obstacles.

In bearing fruit I have understood that in order to be a better person I must cultivate my spiritual

practices. In this process I learn that the more I invest in spiritual truth the more I learn that the less I engage in gossip, the less I harbor suspicion, the more space I find within myself for miraculous experiences.

Today I was meditating on the mushroom and thinking about how to develop a spirituality of the mushroom. Do you know that a mushroom is a toxin transformer? I love to see how mushrooms can take substances that we consider toxic and process them as food. It seems to me that this is the call for today whereas Christian people we are able to convert everything we find in the daily life - people, things or situations - into something that is liberation, or a food we can eat . The opposite would be to poison us and that would be spiritual suicide.

I invite you to continue praying, reflecting, changing and acting, to look a little more like Jesus with

the spirituality of the mushroom. We will bear fruit.

Luis +

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Miércoles, Noviembre 20, 2019 - 10:45