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Pastoral of Villa Consuelo Ministry

Villa Consuelo is a neighborhood in the city of Santo Domingo, in the National District of the Dominican Republic. This neighborhood is populated in particular by poor and working class who, in part because of the social, political and economic conditions of the Dominican Republic, were forced to immigrate to the United States in general and New York City in particular.

They regrouped in different places of the city with the purpose of preserving their historical identity and giving support and at the same time carry out a series of socio-spiritual projects that can positively impact the community of Villa Consuelo in Santo Domingo. In 2017 they make a triumphal entry into our church - although their presence goes back several years before - and they become what we know today as
the Ministry of the Pastoral of Villa-Con (Villa Consuelo).

In this phase they come to strengthen the liturgy of the church with a choir, but at the same time work on a series of repair projects and maintenance of the church building, create bonds of collaboration between Villa Consuelo and our Church, impact our New York Community and all of this with the mission of demonstrating the compassion of Jesus Christ. This is their way of sharing the Gospel.

 Coordinators: Rafael Coss & Luis Hamburgo