Somos una Iglesia Santuario / We are a Sanctuary Church

We are raising funds to help immigrants who are under attack.

Amanda’s Story 

Amanda Morales Guerra fled Guatemala and came to America after a local gang threatened to kidnap her. After years of cooperating with ICE and checking in every few months, ICE is now trying to deport her because of Trump’s policies.

Amanda fears returning to Guatemala because a drug cartel is terrorizing her family. Rather than return to a country where she may be killed, she took sanctuary in Holyrood Episcopal Church. She’s currently staying there with her 3 US citizen children.

Next steps for Amanda’s case will be to ask ICE to grant her a Reasonable Fear Interview (the first step in applying for asylum) and to ask the court where she was ordered deported to reopen her case because the conditions in the country have changed.

What you can do to help

We are raising funds for Amanda’s legal team, but we’re also trying to help the next family Trump attacks.

The New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC is an interfaith network that is helping Amanda. We also run a weekly free legal clinic, accompany immigrants to their court dates, and create events to support the immigrant community.

Every week at the clinic we meet people just like Amanda. People who have very time sensitive legal issues and need more help than the clinic can provide. Free legal services were often over capacity before the Trump Administration took office, and now the pressures on those organizations are even greater. We are looking for help not only with Amanda’s case but to help create a fund to pay attorneys and other supports to help with these kinds emergencies. The funds will be used to cover both legal expenses and support supplies (food, clothes, etc).

This kind of support can mean the difference between life and death,
between getting a fair day in court and having their family ripped apart.

Thank you for all that you can do.

Support Amanda’s legal fund. Visit: