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Community Mass and Eucharist

Today we have our Community Mass and Eucharist ‪at 12:00 pm‬ in Spanish.

We will be reflecting on the challenge that Jesus makes in the Gospel of Luke 21: 29-33 using the fig tree as an example.
Jesus' reference to the fig tree evokes his previous parable about the tree that was given a second chance to bear fruit.
So, the key question that arises is: Do I have the courage to start over when I stay on the road and bear fruit?I hope so. Remember the saying: If I fall out of foolishness, I get up out of courage. Let us not forget that we have the strength of God on our side.
According to the Scriptures it is a mandate that we bear fruit.
The good fruit is what distinguishes the Christian person as such since he or she is not distinguished by what she or he thinks he or she is, nor by what she or he claims to be, but by what he or she is. If the mandate is to bear fruit, the question arises: What are the necessary conditions to bear fruit? What do you need? The answer is: Have contact with water; Be prepared ground or have a docile heart; To die to the world, this is to stop doing evil; Being able to get rid of those things that are not
healthy in our spiritual life;
and to remain in Jesus, this is to let the life of Jesus make us a fruitful life in Him. Do you dare? And as part of our Mass we will continue with our Campaign of Prayer and Fasting and we will be touring the four prayer stations of the four cardinal points, to continue revitalizing our church.
Do not stay and invite someone.
Blessings Luis +

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Saturday, November 30, 2019 - 16:15