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The Red Corner of Fr. Luis

Our Christian calling is fourfold: listen to His word, accept His word, follow His word, and spread His word



Good morning, happy Thursday, and many blessings.


In today’s Gospel (Luke 24:35-48) Jesus is keen to reassure his friends that he is not a ghost, but the same one as before, though in a new state. The strongest proof of this identity are his wounds, a clear sign that ‘that the Messiah is to suffer and to rise from the dead on the third day’. Yet they are also signs that ‘repentance and the forgiveness of sins is to be proclaimed in his name to all nations.’ Death and life are closely linked, yet life has the last word.


Where there is sadness and despair, Jesus comes bringing hope and understanding



Good morning, happy Wednesday, and many blessings.


Luke (24:13-35) is an absolutely masterful storyteller, and his retelling of the Emmaus Road encounter on Easter day surely ranks as one of the great short stories in the Bible.  There are two most important points which come out in the story, but it is an infinitely richer story than that so I want to talk about some other aspects before I get to those two main points.


Mary Magdalene is also the Apostle of the resurrection



Good morning, happy Tuesday, and many blessings.


Today we celebrate the feast of Mary Magdalene, whom Pope Francis calls the Apostle of the apostles: she was the one sent by the Risen Jesus to announce the Resurrection to the Apostles. I reflect on the important role this woman was given by Jesus, and on the role of women in the Church today. I thank God for all the women who helped me know Jesus better, and pray that the Church finds ways of giving women their proper place in her ministry and leadership structures.


They did not find Jesus where they expected to find him



Good morning, happy Monday, and many blessings.


In today’s Gospel (Matthew 28:8-15) we learn that the women who had come to the tomb early on Sunday morning to embalm the dead body of Jesus were amazed to find the stone rolled back from the entrance and the tomb empty. Their reactions are a mixture of anxiety and joy. They are anxious that the body may have been stolen; but there is also an expectant joy. Could it be that he is alive? We may contrast that with Mark where he tells us that the women in their fear “said nothing to anyone”.


A passion that is contagious



Good morning, happy Holy Friday, and many blessings.


The Gospel for todays is John 18:1–19,42. The word passion in verse 3 refers to what Jesus went through from the Last Supper to the Cross. From communion to the crucifixion is the Passion of Jesus Christ. What Jesus went through for me and for you is the Passion of Jesus Christ.


I have set the example for you to do the same as I have done with you



Good morning, happy Holy Thursday, and many blessings.


John (John 13:1-15) is the only Evangelist who mentions the incident of the washing of the feet of the disciples by Christ; hence it might seem that this occurrence was of but little importance. John, however, introduces it with so much minuteness and care, that we cannot but believe that Christ intended to teach an important lesson by it; for after its performance He admonishes His disciples to observe this example and to wash each other’s feet.


What a great discovery it would be if we could face our sins with honesty and courage

Good morning, happy Holy Wednesday, and many blessings.


Today’s Gospels, Matthew 26:14-25, is a short story about Judas. My first reaction after reading is two questions: Was Judas in denial? Did he truly think that he was not the one who was to betray Jesus? We do not know for certain what was going on in Judas’ mind, but one thing is clear…he did betray Jesus. And it appears from his words that he didn’t see his act as a betrayal and, therefore, he was in deep denial.


Honor Jesus as we can



Good morning, happy Monday, and many blessings.


In today’s Gospel (John 12:1-11) we find Jesus coming to the home of His friends to find a few brief hours of encouragement and support from His disciples, the majority of which He knew would abandon Him during His darkest hour.


While this passage is given to us in the form of historical narrative, it is nonetheless instructive. It teaches us quite a bit about honoring Jesus. There is something that I want to highlight: Honor Jesus from your hearth.  


The role of Mary in the history of salvation is unique



Good morning, happy Thursday, and many blessings.


In today’s Gospel (Luke 1:26-38) the Annunciation to Mary begins our immediate preparation for the coming of Jesus among us. There was fear at the surprising call, leading to a question of how this can happen. Then there was a sign in that Elizabeth is expecting a child before Mary said ‘yes.’ She did not say “ok, I will do it”, but “let it be with me according to your word.” It was ‘yes’ to a way of life, a ‘yes’ to the Word of God, leaving the initiative with God.


Am I abiding in the word of Jesus?



Good morning, happy Wednesday, and many blessings.



Ministry at the time of Coronavirus (Covid 19): Prevent, cure and accompany

Now we have to shape what some have started calling; The Church at Home. Although I keep asking myself; What do those who do not have a home do? For this reason, at the same time, I am declaring today in our Holyrood Church a Lenten day of prayer, fasting and reading the Bible in the Time of the Coronavirus.

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