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Jesus seeks to draw those who listened to him into a profound relationship.

Reading: And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. John 6:35.
Good morning, happy Wednesday, and many blessings my dear family.
Today (John 6:35-40) Jesus told the crowds: “I am the bread of life.”  Jesus also said that anyone who comes to Him will never hunger or thirst.  Did the crowds truly understand what Jesus was saying?  Did they realize that Jesus was not speaking literally? Jesus was not talking about food and drink that we consume.  Rather, Jesus was speaking of our spiritual hunger and thirst.
Jesus speaks of this unconditional love stemming from the Father and the Son to us. Trusting that this connection will lead us to everlasting life, we are invited to surrender to this love. Jesus wants to share the bread of life with us where all our needs will be met. I give thanks for this call to follow Jesus and for all the gifts I have been given. Help me to let go of the temptation to go it alone and to see clearly where the bread of life is for me.
It is the will of God that nothing should be lost; may I look on everything that is good as a gift from God and an invitation to embrace the life that God offers. So much is offered to God each day! I pray that all people who are blessed may realize their identity and destiny lies in God.
Covid 19 has emphasized for us how essential the ‘real’ presence of each of us to the other is. This is an invitation to reflect on the beauty and life-giving gift that being present to another in service is.
For what do you hunger?  Is it love, friendship, financial stability, a healthy and happy family? We human beings have many hungers; however, we often try to satisfy our deepest hungers with money, material things, people, and even food or drink.  Yes, these things do satisfy us to some extent; however, our deepest hunger is for God.  We can have all the money in the world and a multitude of friends but if Jesus, is not part of our lives, nothing else will ever satisfy.
Jesus seeks to draw those who listened to him into a profound relationship. He asks them to believe in his wonderful promises about eternal life. Jesus, you invite me to partake in a life that is indestructible. I am to share in the very life of God. This sharing has already begun. May my life and prayer witness that I belong where you are. Bring me – and all others - home to you.
Today, ask yourself: For what do I truly thirst?  For what do I long?  Do I long for God? How do I experience that longing?  The reality is that no matter how much we have or how many people we love, only God alone will satisfy our hunger and our longing.  Will I choose to spend time with God today to satisfy my deepest longing?

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Miércoles, Mayo 4, 2022 - 15:15

Ministerio en el tiempo del Coronavirus (Covid 19): Prevenir, curar y acompañar

Ahora tenemos que darle forma a lo que algun@s han comenzado a llamar; La Iglesia en Casa. Aunque yo me sigo preguntando; ¿qué hacen quienes no tienen un hogar? Por esto a la misma vez, estoy declarando desde hoy en nuestra Iglesia Santa Cruz una jornada de cuaresma de oración, ayuno y leer la Biblia en el Tiempo del Coronavirus.

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