Weddings / Bodas

Some words on Marriage:


If you are on this page because you are making plans for your wedding, welcome. We hope we can help you.

Here are some comments you might find helpful.

Marriage in the Episcopal Church is a sacramental action between two people making a life-long commitment to each other. It represents to us the union between Christ and the Church. So marriage for us is a sign, a sign of unity that all are to enjoy, married or not.

Opposite sex/same sex

Marriage is between two people of the opposite sex or of the same sex.

Why Holyrood?

There is no charge for a wedding since it is a sacrament. There is a charge for the organist if there is music.

People can get married at City Hall or in many churches, so the question is, Why be married at Holyrood, the Episcopal Church in Washington Heights (besides the fact that its main aisle makes for a great procession!)? We assume that the couple has some connection with this church, and that one of the two is an active member.

If you would like to explore membership at Holyrood, please start attending the mass, speak to the priest, and in general enter into the life of the congregation.

Roman Catholic / Anglican

For Roman Catholic/Anglican mixed marriages, please see this statement:

It is assumed that one person is an Anglican. For good relations with the Roman Catholic Church, we do not perform marriage ceremonies for Roman Catholics who are not permitted to remarry in the Roman Church. People are encouraged to work out their marriage plans within their own religious tradition.

Second Marriage

The Episcopal Church believes that marriage is for life, but there are times when marriages no longer exist. We work with members to clarify their marital status and also recognize that there comes a time to move on, including a second marriage. Speak to the priest about this or go to the Diocesan web site:

Pre-Marital Counseling

Finally, canons of the church require pre-marital counseling, which is usually one on one with the priest.

We know a lot of effort goes into planning a wedding. We hope these guidelines will be helpful as you move forward in your plans. If we can aid you in any way, please call the church office or the priest.

And regardless of where or when, we wish you all the best and God’s blessing on you and your partner.