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A Radical Touch

How many of you have worked with or known people who have done things and they had no concerns about what people thought?  Well, today I invite you to look to a woman in Mark 5:25-34 who broke “religious protocol” and did so for only one reason: she was seeking Jesus.


This woman had a flow of blood for twelve years. Because of this problem, not only was she weak and feeling lousy, but she was ritually unclean. She could not have social relationships as long as she had it for everything she touched would be unclean. She lived in shame and frustrations. She been to all the doctors and she spent all the money he had. She heard about how Jesus can heal. 


This woman was embarrassed by her condition. Because of her condition, she would not be allowed to even approach Jesus, lest she made Him unclean, so she snuck up from behind: “she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment.”


I know a lot of people were touching Jesus in the crowd. However, Jesus felt that someone touched him in a different way and that's why he stopped.  This woman dared to touch Jesus and she found Him. 


This is my question for you today: What are  you willing to do to touch Jesus? Dare yourself.




Fr. Luis+


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Monday, January 20, 2020 - 09:45

Ministry at the time of Coronavirus (Covid 19): Prevent, cure and accompany

Now we have to shape what some have started calling; The Church at Home. Although I keep asking myself; What do those who do not have a home do? For this reason, at the same time, I am declaring today in our Holyrood Church a Lenten day of prayer, fasting and reading the Bible in the Time of the Coronavirus.

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