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The hate and resentment

Good morning, happy Thursday and blessings.


Now that Lent has begun, I have been meditating a little more on what the Bible says about hate and resentment. In the sermon on the mountain Jesus tells us the following: "But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother or sister will be guilty of judgment" (Matthew 5:22). There are three realities in this biblical narrative that are necessary to establish a relationship with God. First, he asks me that I have to reconcile with my brother and sister. Then he tells me that, although they have offended me, it is I who must initiate that reconciliation. And third that all this I must do quickly (Matthew 5: 23-26).


From all this is possible then we can identify a kind of reconciliation method which we could put into practice in this Lent.


First, there is a need for us to talk to the person who has offended us and thus tell him or her how we feel. In this process there is a need us to have to accept people's imperfections. Both people and organizations are imperfect and cannot always meet all your needs and expectations. It is important to learn to live with that.


On the other hand, we must find some way to avoid not becoming a judge of that person who offended me. Behind the hatred and resentment almost always hides a trial and the feeling that I am better than the other person (the one who made the mistake). Actually, we are all different. Learning to judge ourselves only and not going through life wearing the judge's robe will not only help you eliminate these negative feelings but will make you much happier. Hence the one who also must accept that everything changes. Perhaps you have not realized that this person has changed, just because you are too infused in the image that you have built of him or her that no longer corresponds to reality.


And then comes the biggest challenge to eliminate my hatred or resentment: I must learn to let go. In life many things that we consider unfair can happen to us. Sometimes, wherever you look, it is difficult to find the positive side or an explanation. In those cases, it is best to let go of resentment and hate.


What if we implement these three realities today in our lives?




Fr. Luis+

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Jueves, Febrero 27, 2020 - 09:45

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