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Morning Prayer

Shoji Mizumoto is inviting you to a Daily Prayer Meeting



Holyrood Church Morning Prayer


Every week on Mon- Fri; 7:00am; January 25-29, 2021.


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1000 Christmas baskets for 1000 poor families

Special mass blessing the animals

I learned that in pet language, Baa! Moo! Woof! Neigh! Meow!, that means, “Please bring me to church with you ‪on Sunday, October 4‬, in-service or by Zoom/Facebook. Why? In addition to our baptism, we will celebrate St. Francis with the blessing of all creation and our animals ‪at 10:00am‬ and ‪12:00pm‬. Please be sure your pets are safe and secured on leashes or in cages.


And those who died or were released, you can bring a photo and share their name. All are welcome!





Fundación Padre Rogelio Cruz

12 Sept. 2020

Iglesia Santa Cruz/ Holyrood Church. 

P. Luis Barrios.

Sra. Amarilis Guzmán.

Miembros De La Iglesia.


715 West, 179 th Street, New York.


Apreciados amigos:

            Cordiales saludos y deseos de paz.


The Feast of the Revs. Thomas Gallaudet (1902) and Henry Winter Syle (1890)

Aug 27 our final post for Deaf ministry month to celebrate this month together, LIKE and FOLLOW US us on FaceBook


The Feast of the Revs. Thomas Gallaudet (1902) and Henry Winter Syle (1890) August 27 

The Collect





Tomorrow, Sunday, August 9, we will hold the elections to the Parish Board (Vestry) in our Holyrood Church. This will be from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm in the Parish Hall of the Church.


When making decisions about who to vote for, think about this:


1. Great leaders lead. Implicit in the word "leader" is the idea of ​​intentionally moving toward a clear and compelling goal and inspiring others to move in that direction. A leader has a mission to fulfill and encourages others to work with to achieve it.