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Decision making

Since last night I am meditating on the reality of how I make decisions.  And I've been wondering;  When I make decisions I put them in a filter through wisdom in the Word of God? Or am I content with my own wisdom? James 1:22 tell us: But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.
James continues to describe what the life of genuine, trusting, saving faith looks like. How do people who truly trust God live from day to day? James makes it clear that those who trust God don't merely become experts at listening to God's Word.
As the previous verse stated, we are definitely called to accept the Word. We should accept it in our minds and agree to it in our hearts. Those who believe, stop talking long enough to listen. They take the time to hear and understand. But the faithful don't stop there. Faith in Christ is not just the map; it's the actual journey. Merely nodding our heads at the Word is not enough—we need to do what the Word tells us to do. We need to figure out which way God wants us to go, and then actually go that way.
People who trust God ask Him for wisdom—and then take what She gives. People who trust God make a bigger deal about their rewards in the next life than their wealth in this one. People who trust God don't blame Him for their desire to sin; they give Him credit for all that is good in their lives. They look into Her Word, and they act on what they see there.
In other words, because to believe is to act on what we hear it is always important to ask ourselves; Where is God in what I am saying or doing?
Today, I want to discover in my thoughts and actions the presence of God. I invite you to practice this spiritual exercise.


Fr. Luis
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Monday, November 11, 2019 - 12:45