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The slander

Good morning, happy Wednesday and blessings.


In the process of being able to evaluate ourselves and every day to be better Christian people daily we must identify the contradictions that arise in our lives. Very particularly those that come with the actions of bad habits and that lead us to sin. An example of this is slander.


You know that slander is a false accusation, made maliciously for the purpose of causing harm. To slander is to falsely and maliciously attribute to someone else, with dishonorable words, acts or intentions. Slander usually uses another reproachable action called rumors. All these are characteristics of immature, insecure people, with a lot of internal pain and with a tremendous capacity for hate. Which all this eventually comes back to your life and you can't be happy. Hence the slander because they are generally jealous and being immature people project their incapacities that way.


What does the Bible say about this sin? The Book of Proverbs says: "He who conceals his hatred is a false person, who spreads slander is a foolish person." The foolish person acts without maturity, reflection or sanity. In this way, this person performs actions that are irrational or illogical, sometimes even putting his or her life or that of other people at risk.


When one is slandered, one is tempted to many things. It is tempted to identify the slanderer to give that personas her/his due and pay him/her with the same currency. This is because there is an emotional wound that hurts a lot and I is bleeding. But, nevertheless, the Bible speaks of the attitude that we Christian people should have in the midst of a world prone to slander. The Gospel of Luke 6:28 says in this regard: "Bless those who curse you and pray for those who slander you." This is the advice given by the Lord Jesus Christ. He demonstrated it during his passion. His enemies slandered him without mercy, and finally, they succeeded killing him. However, he forgave them. Now he asks us to do the same.


This is the invitation for today: If you wish to be an authentic Christian person, you must give up slander. And if you have been a victim of slander, you must learn to forgive.




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Miércoles, Febrero 5, 2020 - 10:30

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